Why Dye+Chem ? Why Bangladesh ? Why Now ?

Your ONLY exclusive Gateway to the All Kinds Of Dyes And Fine & Specialty Chemicals sector of Bangladesh

A perfect B2B platform for the entire Dyes & Chemical sector of Bangladesh

Private sector interest in the Dyes & Chemical sector has seen colossal investments in Bangladesh in recent years with a further growth potential.

With the rapidly increasing Dyes & Chemical sector and investments happening with active involvement of the private sector and the Government liberalising its policies, Bangladesh makes a perfect destination to further mark your presence or further expand your business and forge business deals.

A showdown for Companies & Equipments, Adhesives / Catalysts/ Basic chemical bulk drugs, Chemical Intermediates/ Cleaning chemicals, Corrosion inhibitors, Cosmetic Chemicals, Detergent Raw Materials, Dyes and dye stuffs, Electro Chemicals, Electroplating chemicals, Fertilizers, Fine Chemicals, Food Chemicals, Inorganic Chemicals, Laboratory chemicals, Oil Field chemicals, Performance chemicals, Petrochemicals, Processing Chemicals, Textile Chemicals & Supplies under one roof.

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